Java Client

For Android, Blackberry and Java Projects

  1. Generates Soap 1.1/1.2 Client
  2. Asynchronous and Synchronous client
  3. Asynchronous responses are executed on UI Thread
  4. Support for Android, Blackberry and various other Java based Phones
  5. Support for Exceptions
  6. Support for Asynchronous Response Handler inner classes
  7. No Reflection, quick and faster execution
  8. Support for Parcelable Implementation for Android, the Business data object can be easily moved between Activities.

We recommend usage of Asynchronous client for Phone applications (Android, Blackberry etc)

WSClient++ can generate Java client for Soap Web Services, in the download you will find packages for different platforms, please do not forget to include them in your project.


  1. XmlNodes as return or parameter types is not supported as some mobile platforms do not have full implementation of XmlNodes as per W3C specifications, we will add support only when it is available in mobile platform by the OS developers.

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