Cocoa Client

For iPhone, iPad, iOS 4 and Mac OS X

  1. Generates Strongly Typed Soap 1.1/1.2 Client
  2. Soap headers are now supported
  3. Asynchronous and Synchronous client
  4. Support for Mac OS 10.5, iPhone OS 3.0, iOS 4.0
  5. Display network activity animation while executing service call
  6. Support for NSError class
  7. Support for Web Service Method Response Protocols for Asynchronous calls
  8. No Reflection, quick and faster execution

We recommend usage of Asynchronous client for iPhone applications

WSClient++ can generate Objective-C client for Soap Web Services, in the download you will find NSWSDL.h and NSWSDL.m files for respective platforms, you must include these two files in your project as well.

Objective-C client supports iPhone Network Activity Icon animation by default, however you can customize your behavior in NSWSDL files you have imported.


  1. One client can not make multiple calls to server simultaneously, you have to create new instance for each call if you wish to make simultaneous calls.
  2. XmlNodes as return or parameter types is not supported as some mobile platforms do not have full implementation of XmlNodes as per W3C specifications, we will add support only when it is available in mobile platform by the OS developers.

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