We have recently discovered that Blackberry Packager does not package referenced module correctly in case of some source compatibility. And this post outlines how to resolve this issue.


WSClient++ ships with wsclient.blackberry.jar file which contains compiled Java classes along with source code that is necessary to run the project. But if wsclient.blackberry.jar file is not packaged correctly in Blackberry Application, the runtime fails with an error

Module ‘WSClientForBlackberry’ not found

This is because of difference between the compiled wsclient.blackberry.jar version and your target blackberry version. Since we can not compile and ship each version separately, there is following way to resolve this issue.

  1. Unzip contents of wsclient.blackberry.jar file
  2. This file contains source as well as .class files
  3. Ignore all .class files and create a package in your Eclipse project as “com.neurospeech.wsclient” and paste all java source files inside your project.
  4. Now you can rebuild and Blackberry Packager will include all necessary files required to run WSClient++ connectivity for your web service.