WSClient++ is available for Mobile platforms like Cocoa and Java, as well as for the DotNet and Flex/Flash platforms. The Suite comes bundled with all client types and provides free add-ons of any new clients released for a period of one year. Each purchase comes bundled with:

  • A Single Developer License
  • Unlimited Royalty Free Redistribution (Subjected to EULA)
  • Free Upgrades Subscription for 1 Year Including:
    1. New Product Updates
    2. Bug Fixes
    3. Documentation Updates
    4. Tutorials and Resources
  • Support Via Ticket System within 2 Business Days
Cart499WSClient++ for Cocoa
For Objective-C on MAC OS 10.5+ and iPhone OS 3.0+
Cart499WSClient++ for Java
For Desktop JDK, Android, Blackberry
Cart799 WSClient++ Mobile Edition
Combination of (Cocoa and Java)
For MAC OS 10.5+ and iPhone OS 3.0+
For Desktop JDK, Android, Blackberry

 Pay as you Go – REST API

You can use our REST API to generate proxy with as low as $5 per month.

No download, No installation, Generate online.

  • Cloud Hosted API on Mashape
  • HTTP TRIGGER after Code Generation
  • Generated Code available for 24 hours


SOAP to JSON is HTTP REST Proxy that converts JSON input to XML SOAP request and XML SOAP response to JSON output. Since JSON is lightweight compared to SOAP, it is ideal for mobile (Android, iOS, iPhone, Blackberry, Tablets) usage. XML Web Services are complex and requires 2x bandwidth and 2x cpu time to process.

  • Cloud Hosted API on Mashape (Check Pricing)
  • ASP.NET Web Server (Coming up soon) – $1000 per server license – unlimited clients – unlimited services


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