About Us

WSClient++ is a product developed by NeuroSpeech, Inc., an organization immersed in research. Founded in 2006, NeuroSpeech, Inc. has only one purpose, to research, identify, develop and deploy ready-to-use solutions which deliver efficient concise and error-free code. At NeuroSpeech, we believe in simplicity, and often times, the most complex tasks could be made into simpler solutions. All it takes is a bit of research, and a dedicated approach to minimizing code, developing automated and intelligent tools, and minimizing error.

NeuroSpeech has since developed several such solutions, the latest of which is WSClient++, a solution for generating Web Services for code written using the Cocoa and Java mobile platforms, as well as the DotNet and Flex/Flash environments.

NeuroSpeech remains committed to developing and enhancing coding methods, and will continue to add more features and modules within this family of products.

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